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Board of directors

Fukumitsu Technology Shenzhen Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 , It has originally positioned in optical components development of new products and new technologies. Now Fukumitsu has 3 perfect product lines: optical active transceiver, passive compon-ents and optical interconnection Mainstream products.

Since its establishment in 2003,Fukumitsu has been specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing modules for fiber optical communication fields, all series optical transceivers with bandwidth from 100Mbps to 120Gbps. all of which are pluggable modules. Fukumitsu transceivers can be deployed in much more applications such as: data communications , SDH, storage area networks , mobile backhaul , 3G video , FTTX, supercomputers and cloud computing and so on.

Fukumitsu passive products line include: Planar Waveguide Splitters , CWDM/ DWDM Mux/Demux and micro-optical devices, optical switch and high density MPO cabling products. Each product series has unique technology and packaging capabilities.

Since 2009, Fukumitsu has been investing in integrated optical devices and optical interconnection solution for supercomputers and cloud computing system. Based on self innovation technology platforms and innovative optical engine patents, Fukumitsu has successfully launched several high-performance products including 40G QSFP AOC and 120G CXP.

Fukumitsu has key advantages: advanced technology platform of array coupled device packaging and integration. With highly vertically integrated automated production lines based on MEMS system and perfect quality management system, Fukumitsu has been qualified by the ISO9001: 2004 quality management system and ISO14000: 2000 environmental management system, and all products pass a series of product certifications such as RoHS, TUV, UL, FDA.

Because has accumulated many years of experience in development and brand marketing, Fukumitsu provide a flow of product in the global market, with high cost performance, Fukumitsu branch was established in 2008 in Germany, in 2009 set up branch in Canada, South Korea branch, established in 2010, set up branches in the United States in 2011, marked the Fukumitsu is a reliable multinational enterprises!